It’s completely clean, and we can enjoy that renewable energy for as long as the sun comes up. Our team is here to help you to find out which residential solar system is right for your home.

STEP 1 - Site assessment

We sit down with you at your premisis, analyse your power bills and discuss your requirements. We’ll find out what you need and let you know how much you can save – and help you with any questions you might have. We’ll also find out the best configuration of panels for your roof. It’s easy, effortless and free.

step 2 - Quote

We provide a comprehensive tailored proposal, with customised performance figures, payback graphs and return-on-investment figures over the life of the system.

step 3 - Deposit paid (or finance option)

You pay us the deposit, or if you wish for a finance option, we can help by organising it for you through one of our financial partners.
Resdiential solar

STEP 4 - Application to network for approval

We make the application with the electricity distributor and manage the application for the solar power connection pre-approval on your behalf.

step 5 - Project starts

Once the network approval comes through (typically on week), we book an installation date. Small projects <5kWp usually take one day assuming good weather and a small commercial project <20kWp usually takes 3-4 days. Once the installation is done, we perform the testing and commissing procedure and perform the neccessary inspections for compliance.

step 6 - Final payment

Final invoice now will be posted to you. Now you can sit back, relax and start enjoying years of free energy to come.
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