solar for school

Schools are perfect for solar. They need electricity during daylight hours, when solar power is generated, and usually,
they have a large roof area - perfect for installing solar panels.

Why Solar At All?

For most people, solar panels are synonymous with residential and commercial use.
People put solar panels on their homes to cover electric bills, and augment their commercial buildings to draw new business and “go green.”
But what happens when solar panels are added to the layout of schools or universities?
Today, solar panel installations in schools are becoming more popular.


Due to the operating hours, and the abundance of roof space, solar and schools fit perfectly together.

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Solar energy could help reduce and stabilize your energy consumption — thus lowering your energy costs significantly.


With savings like that, you could help preserve teaching staff, invest in new academic programs or curriculum, etc.


Your student can gain more knowledge from having this kind of innovation at their fingertips

Why Trilect Solar?

Working with us will help you maximise every penny of your investment. Unlike many newer competitors, we offer:

We offer solar PPA – which allows you to install a solar system with ZERO upfront costs! This a low risk and simple way for businesses to enjoy the benefit of solar power. Learn more here

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to solar energy, which is why it’s our mission to understand your unique needs, business goals and investment criteria to deliver the best outcome possible.

The performance of the project will be monitored and reported live in real time. This is to ensures your solar equipment is running smoothly and at full capacity.

Experience, skillful & NZ qualified team of master electricians. Trilect Solar ability to deliver turnkey solar and storage solutions for our clients is unique in the industry.

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