6 Things to Do Before Installing Solar Energy System In Your Home

Renewable energy sources are looking to become the most popular form of getting electricity in the following decades.

Many people, entire countries, are worried that a future drop in oil supplies will drive the price of energy up to an unsustainable level and are therefore heavily investing in these types of energy sources. That, and the growing concern for the environment, are pushing this technology further every day.

If you, as an individual, are considering installing a solar-based energy system in your home, the process has never been easier and cheaper. The only serious drawback is that panels of any kind cannot just be slapped on the roof, but require special preparation beforehand.

Supporting Framework

Different types of roofings require different types of framework. Tiles are notorious for being very heavy and usually require the strongest support beams, while metal, and some new types of plastic roofings, are relatively light. Either way, adding a permanent installation on top of that is a static strain you must account for if you want to have a stable roof.

Technicians who are installing the panels should be able to quickly judge whether the existing condition can support the new addition, but if it cannot – you are faced with a rather complicated process of either taking apart the roof and building a new one or making a metal framework to support the existing one.

Grid Connection

Although solar energy is a great source for people who live independently and who are, both literally and figuratively, off the grid, the majority of people in developed countries have normal access to electrical energy and can therefore get connected whenever.

Being connected to the local, or state grid has the benefit of being able to rely on more than one source of energy – during the night, or on cloudy days solar panels do not work. But also, if you are making an excess of energy, you have a place to send it away and not just shutting it down because there is no need for it.

Energy and Appliances

Depending on where you live, household appliances will be standardized to a different electrical current to operate normally. Now, while there are only a few standards around the world, you are most likely faced with a dilemma only if you have something that is imported.

To make sure everything is alright, check what are the specifications for your major house appliances, as well as what electricity the solar panels are going to produce. If you live in North America, for example, these solar SaaS products are right for you. All produced electricity can, however, be transformed to the desired quality via a transformation.

Consider Your Local Weather

The number of sunny days has a direct effect on how long you will have to wait for your investment in solar panels to return. Also, areas that have a reputation for frequent bad weather, such as heavy snow or extremely strong winds, may be problematic.

You should not move because of this, of course, but considering how ill-tempered weather can damage the panels or make them inefficient should be considered before investing.

Solar Energy as an Asset

Solar energy is a great asset bonus for estates. Especially if you are preparing a house for sale, investing in a carefully installed solar-powered system can drive the price up more than 10%! The time it takes to find reliable technicians and engineers, preparing the roof, mounting the new wiring, etc, should all be taken into account when judging how much a house is worth.

The location will be crucial, of course, but a very sunny area can only benefit from having solar panels installed, as the reduced electricity bill will pay off the investment in a matter of a few years if their position is correct.

It is clear that the future is green, so thinking about going solar is the right trail of thought. Just make sure to have everything prepared properly and you will be able to enjoy a sunny day in more ways than one!


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