We provide high quality industrial & commercial solar power solutions to businesses in New Zealand

Why Commercial Solar?

Trilect Solar provides high quality commercial solar power systems businesses rely on.
If you are after a solar energy system that will give you an attractive Return On Investment (ROI) over the long term, then get in touch and talk to one of our experts.

Commercial solar - reduce carbon footprint - Trilect Solar Auckland


Without a doubt, reducing your carbon footprint will go a long way to supporting our environment and maintaining our planet for future generations.

Commercial solar - positive corporate image - Trilect Solar Auckland


Being seen as a company that supports the environment will have a positive impact on public perception. Moreover, it will give you an edge on the competition and helping your business grow and expand.

Commercial solar - long term financial returns - Trilect Solar Auckland


Commercial solar power is one of the most hassle-free ways to reduce energy costs. Solar is a reliable, cost-effective and low maintenance way to reduce your overheads and save money in the long term.

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Commercial solar installation for Countdown Waiata Shores.
System size 150kW - completed on December 2021.

Commercial Solar Services

Trilect Solar offers the following commercial solar services to our business customers

Commercial Solar

Ons Dorp Retirement Village - 65kWp, Feb 2020​
The system uses 200 x 315W monocrystalline solar panels and 2 x 30kW Commercial Solar Inverters. The system estimate to generate ~90,000kWh of energy per year, offset Co2 emissions of 9,000kg per year & will save approximately $14,500 per year from the energy costs

Featured commercial solar projects in Auckland

Countdown Waiata Shores - 150kW
SiteHost, Auckland - 142kWp
Commercial solar
Ons dorp retirement village, henderson - 65kWp
Commercial solar
Axis Building, Parnell - 44kWp
Commercial Solar
Parnell, Auckland - 33kWp
Commercial Solar
Rosedale, Auckland - 24kwp
Commercial Solar
All Steel Services, Onehunga - 20kWp
commercial solar
Abodo Wood, Mangere - 20kWp
Commercial Solar
Best Start, East Tamaki - 18kWp
Restaurant brands- 15kWp

How Much Can I Save With Solar?

Will commercial solar be a worthwhile investment for your business? Let's find out together!
Get in touch with us and our in-house team of engineers will create a custom design for your facility that offers the best return on your investment.

Why Trilect Solar?

Trilect Solar is a group of engineers and consultants who build energy solutions for smart businesses.
Moreover, we harness data to analyse, construct, monitor and maintain grid-connected solar systems across New Zealand.


Our solar experts use the most powerful analysis tools in the industry, giving our customers insights they couldn’t get anywhere else.


We are committed to our Workplace Health & Safety policy within the work environment & on every job site. This is practiced at every level of the company.


Each install is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager. Our customers have a clear line of communication throughout the entire process.


We provide technical support, panel cleaning, monthly reporting and detailed monitoring on the installed solar system. Our Service team maintain a system once its been installed.


Trilect Solar ability to deliver turnkey solar and storage solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale clients is unique in the industry.


Want to install a solar system for your home or business, but currently don’t have the funds to make the initial investment? We have finance options available for you? Get in touch to learn more.

Commercial Solar

Our Process


It’s completely clean, and we can enjoy that renewable energy for as long as the sun comes up. Our team is here to help you to find out if solar is right for your business and premises.

From analysis and feasibility through to construction and ongoing support, we’re here to ensure your business gets the most from its solar investment.

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to solar energy, which is why it’s our mission to understand your unique needs, business goals and investment criteria to deliver the best outcome possible.

STEP 1 - Energy Data Analysis

We develop a clear understanding of your energy behaviours, requirements and billing.

step 2 - Solar Feasibility Study

We assess the financial benefits of solar or storage for your business.

step 3 - Pre-Sale Engineering

Our team inspects your site to engineer a best-fit solution.

step 4 - Customized proposal

We present a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.

STEP 5 - Project Management

We manage the end-to-end Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the solar system.

step 6 - Quality Assurance

We implement stringent commissioning and testing to ensure reliable performance.

step 7 - Service

We set up a robust monitoring program and hand-over the solar system.

step 8 - Customer Support

All commercial clients receive detailed reports and are supported by our dedicated Service Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about commercial solar

Why should my company invest in solar power from Trilect Solar?​

  • Solar power systems can reduce your business’ monthly operating expenses.
  • Solar power provides your business with a hedge against future electricity rate hikes.
  • Solar power is generated when most businesses consume the greatest amount of energy – maximizing the return on investment.
  • Commercial solar power systems produce clean, safe, and reliable energy every day.
  • With no routine maintenance, solar can act as a brilliant passive income source.
  • Solar power will improve your carbon footprint and help with your clean energy/sustainability goals, allowing you to market your business differently – attracting and retaining more customers and employees, and, ultimately improving sales.

What types of buildings can be solar powered?​

Rooftop solar systems can be installed on most commercial, industrial, warehouse, retail and agricultural facilities.  Your roof will be reviewed for suitability prior to finalizing a system plan.

Ground-mounted and carport systems are also great commercial solar options.  Trilect Solar has experience working with companies in a variety of industries and has helped our commercial customers lower their energy costs with their own solar power system.

How much does my business need to invest to own a solar power system on my property?​

For customers who opt to self-finance their solar array, the cost for a solar power installation on your commercial property varies depending on the rebates and incentives available to you.  Other factors include system size, how the roof is oriented toward the sun, roof type, location and many other possible factors.

Trilect Solar has a team of experts that can show you how affordable solar can be. We will work with you to choose an efficient solar power system for your goals and budget.

What size solar power system will my business need?​

An energy expert at Trilect Solar will meet with you and determine how much electricity your company uses and what space you have available for a solar power system.

Based on that analysis and your budget, our in-house team of engineers will create a custom design for your facility that offers the best return on your investment. The optimum size of a solar array is not always the largest system, but the smartest system for your needs!

Do I still need electricity from the grid?

Yes. Your solar system generates electricity during peak daylight hours. Any electricity produced during this time that is not consumed will be sold back to the grid. During the night when your solar system is not working, you will draw electricity from the grid.

Commercial Solar

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