Residential solar

Residential Solar & Climate Change

Keeping our world green means taking active measures to reduce or eliminate fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources.

Natural gas, nuclear, oil, coal—these traditional energy sources have proven bad for the environment, and on top of that, they’re getting more expensive every year.

The effects of climate change and other pollution-related health issues is on the rise, and people globally are looking for solutions to use less energy and be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

From the shoes they wear and who makes them, to the energy they use to turn on a light switch or watch TV, people are going green. And going solar is a big way that your home can reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment.

Solar is an Affordable Way to Help Our Environment

Pollution continues to be an issue globally, with the increasing of transportation vehicle, our air got destroyed more than ever. Our beaches, our shores, our natural wildlife, native trees, and bushes—they’re all at risk. Solar protects it.

The growing movement towards going residential solar is helping to drive positive environmental impact towards slowing the effects of climate change on our state.

Rooftop Solar Reduces Greenhouse Gas and CO2 Emissions

Residential solar energy generates clean energy only. It’s a 100% emissions-free form of energy, and it’s on the rise, especially in places that get a lot of suns.

New Zealand is known for its warm, sunny weather, and solar energy makes the most of this natural, renewable resource. As long as there is a sun in the sky, your residential solar energy system can generate energy.

And with solar battery storage, you can even store those rays to use when the sun isn’t out. With the growing use of residential solar, we’re reducing our dependence on oil, natural gas, and other forms of energy that contribute to global warming.

Empowering Electric Vehicles

Driving is one of the biggest contributors to pollution and going electric is becoming even more popular.

With residential solar system on your roof, you can charge your EV anytime you need with clean energy generated on your home and skip the gas station altogether. Save time, money, and the planet

Trilect Solar Can Help You Save Money and the Planet

We’ve spent the last decade helping customers like you go solar. At Trilect Solar, our passion is helping the environment, one rooftop at a time.

Together, we will work with you and your budget to design the perfect, energy-saving system for your home and your needs. Give your journey to reducing your carbon footprint a big head start with rooftop solar. Get a free solar energy estimate here.


Trilect Solar is a division of Trilect Services, New Zealand’s master electrician since 1997.

We are members of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) which offers additional peace of mind to our customers.

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We do not use sub-contractors. All of the installations will be carried out by our experienced team.

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