solar power purchase agreement

What is solar PPA?

In shorts, it allows you to install a solar system with no upfront costs.

A solar PPA is a type of solar financing agreement. With a PPA, a customer does not have to pay for the upfront costs of a solar system.

Instead, they enter a contract with a third-party owner or solar developer who will take care of the design, permitting, and installation of their solar panel system.

In return, the customer pays the developer for the energy the solar panels produce at price lower than the utility’s cost of electricity.

Benefits of solar PPA

This a low risk and simple way for businesses to enjoy the benefit of solar power.


upfront cost

Without any upfront investment, the customer is able to adopt solar and begin saving money as soon as the system becomes operational.


energy costs

Solar PPAs provide a fixed, predictable cost of electricity for the duration of the agreement - This protect your business from electricity price volatility.

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The developer is responsible for system performance and operating risk for the life of the PPA - That means you’re not at risk if the solar system goes down.

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A solar PPA is a great way for businesses and public entities to pay for solar.

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