The benefits of commercial solar to your business

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With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are resorting to alternative sources of energy. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable choice and one that can be used in various applications.

Many businesses are now tapping into this alternative source of energy, hoping to benefit from its numerous advantages. Enlisted below are some of the few major advantages that commercial solar panels entail for industries and various businesses.

1. Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers, Employees and Clients

Commercial solar energy could actually be the gateway for businesses to attract new customers that are environmentally conscious and tend to care for the climate. With the rapid climate change and its impact, lessening carbon impressions has become extremely important. By utilizing the use of solar panels on a commercial level, businesses could pull in customers, clients, inhabitants, and representatives who are conscious of the environment and wish to accomplish business or work for organizations that view the wellbeing of the planet appropriately by lessening their dependence on non-sustainable power sources.

Some businesses even utilize the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as one of their missions to further expand their business by partnering with international corporations that hold similar stances with respect to climate change. This helps them expand their customer base even more and thus provides them with a larger revenue-generating platform.

2. Increased Property Value and Low Installation Costs

A commercial solar system can help in increasing the property value of a business/corporation and thus help them in selling off their properties easily if and when there is a requirement to do so. It is on the grounds that energy productivity sells. A business that has commercialized solar power access, has relatively lower working costs in both the short and long run timespans.

Furthermore, in terms of installation costs, in the solar market, the presently available solar panels are becoming more reasonable price-wise consistently. There are various programs that can be used to purchase the panels with zero upfront payments – such as solar PPA, which we are providing for our customers.

On another hand, if the business gets to take advantage of the solar panels while operating and when the time comes to sell it off, the owner can benefit from the recovered installation costs. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

3. Longevity and Sustainability of Solar Energy

Not only market trends but the overall functioning of the world tends to take a drastic turn after every couple of years. From the widespread use of fossil fuels to the shift towards solar power, we see a dynamic change in the energy sector. Commercial electric power, as a commodity, is subject to these changes as well. It functions on the basic principle of supply and demand too, just like all the other major commodities being sold by manufacturers and demanded by the public in the global markets.

When a business draws electric power from the power grid, they are subject to current market forces and user rates. What many people don’t notice here is that utilization of such commercial electric power entails many future costs that are borne by the customers of the business. Whether it is hydropower generation, nuclear power generation, or even the use of other fossil fuels, all of these entail high costs, and specific requirements such as suitable water supply to turn the generators when hydropower is concerned, or gas-fired electric generation stations to be regulated so that less emissions are omitted, generation of nuclear waste and the volatility of accidents etc. Thus, in these circumstances, ease of access and efficiency become a high priority for a business which is why solar energy is the way to go.

Solar power is the future solution to low overhead electrical production. Investments in commercial solar power would ensure long-run sustainability and success for commercial businesses and industries. These investments would be similar to the investments made in future markets by brokers in the stock market. Businesses can hedge their electrical bet by installing a self-contained solar generation system. With solar power, they can then benefit from lowering the electrical consumption cost and protecting their company’s future.

4. Reduce Operating Expenses

As mentioned earlier as well, solar panels are inexpensive, and their installation has low costs as well. For commercial purposes, the ideal decision for energy production is the use of solar panels. The energy bills would be relatively low thus benefiting the business. When a solar panel system is installed, it is associated with the meter and the utility lines. Meanwhile, the solar panels produce power and decrease the measure of utility power that the building receives. Now in this case, if the battery storage is installed as well then, the excess electricity will be stored in the batteries before it is sent to the grid. The business can use the electricity stored in the battery bank to power their premises during peak hours when the electricity rates are higher. This will help them in decreasing the operating expenses by lowering their peak time reliance on utility station.


5. Continuous Financial and Environmental Returns

The investment in commercial solar panels proves to be highly beneficial for businesses in the long run. Initially, the costs may seem higher, but in the long run, it proves to be highly advantageous due to the high returns. The investment returns depend on the size of the system upon which the solar power is installed.

The commercial solar system can pay for itself in a couple of years while the business can benefit from lower or zero electric bills. Businesses of all sizes now recognize the true potential of a solar electric energy system because it serves as a principle strategic decision that guarantees a solid financial return for years to come. It also helps to increase revenue as many customers are attracted to businesses that are dedicated to sustainability efforts.

This also helps in building the reputation of the corporation and creates a positive image of them in the general public. Meanwhile, it also has environmental returns such that it helps reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. In just three years, with the current pace of solar panels being utilized, the CO2 offset of one 105KW system would be equal to 11,004 trees and 49,522 gallons of gas saved.

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