Different Types Of Solar Energy

Different Types Of Solar Energy

With the advancement in technology, solar energy is becoming a popular choice for many businesses and people who want to use green energy which is not too heavy on the pocket. People can capture energy from the sun in different ways. Some methods through which energy can be consumed by the sun are listed below.

1. Photovoltaic Solar Energy:

Also known as solar cell systems, a photovoltaic (PV) framework is made up of at least one solar collector. More than one panel can also be used in its design. It is joined with an inverter and other electrical and mechanical equipment that utilize energy from the Sun to create power. These systems are available in different sizes such as a rooftop, movable models or heavy utility plants. In spite of the fact that these systems can work perfectly well by themselves, as off-grid PV frameworks, there are many PV systems which need to be connected to some grids.

2. Active Solar Energy:

Active solar energy needs some fluids such as water to convert heat energy from the sun in to some different form of energy. This is why, they rely on mechanical devices such as pumps or shutters which absorb the heat from the sun. A solar collector is placed on the top of the building in such a way that it uses sunlight to warm up the water. This water is pumped through pipes to the whole building or house which then heats up the place.

3. Passive Solar Energy:

The concept of passive energy is based on the utilization of the energy from the sun for the warming and cooling of places which are in exposure to the sun. When a house or building comes in contact with sunlight, the materials reflect and absorb the solar energy from the sun. The heat is also responsible for the flow of air in structured spaces. These essential reactions to heat from the sunlight lead to structure building and houses in such a way which can be warmed and cooled by sunlight. In contrast to active solar systems, passive solar energy does not need any mechanical or electrical energy to convert heat into energy.

4. Solar Thermal Energy:

The process of converting energy from the sun into thermal or electrical energy is known as solar thermal energy. It provides a great option to heat water on large scale to produce electricity without the burning cow dung or wood. Many people confuse it with active solar energy, but they are two different things. Basically, the energy produced through this process is used in many industries along with residential sectors. Its thermals are divided into three categories which are low-, medium- and high- temperature thermals.

5. Concentrated Solar Power:

Also known as concentrated solar thermal, this type of solar energy produces energy from the sun by the use of mirrors and lenses. They are mostly used on large scale and therefore are not recommended being used by individuals such as house owners. By producing electricity on a large scale, it is then sold to different house owners through some sort of supplier.
As solar energy is becoming more economical for everyone nowadays, these were some methods through which people can convert solar energy into different forms of energy.


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