5 tips to save energy in your home – by Trilect Solar®

Saving energy is all about making an effort every day and being consistent with it. This is because it doesn’t just happen in a day. You need to make changes to your lifestyle so you can save energy and make an impact on its consumption.

Here are the best ways you can save energy in your home.

Wash Clothes With Cold Water

Did you know that 90% of the energy that is consumed for washing clothes comes from heating the water? If you switch to cold water instead, you will be saving a significant amount of energy!
It is just as effective when it comes to cleaning and is energy efficient as well. However, also remember to only wash full loads of clothes to make the best use of your washer.

Switch To Solar Panels

Switching to clean energy is the biggest difference you can make to your lifestyle. Solar panels take the sunlight all day and use it at night. The leftover energy is also stored to be used later.
This means that the electricity you use from your local grid will be reduced. If many people start switching to solar energy collectively then it can make a significant impact on energy conservation.

It is a renewable source of energy that will reduce your electric bill, is not costly to maintain, and will ensure that you have electricity at all times! These are the reasons why solar panels are getting popular day by day.

Use The Power Of Natural Light

During the day time open your curtains and let the natural light in. You can even enhance the lighting by strategically placing mirrors near windows so your place looks even brighter.

This will reduce your dependence on bulbs in the day-time. However, during the night you can only turn on the lights that are most needed to save energy.

Switch To Energy Efficient Appliances 

A great tip is to buy appliances that have the energy star label on it. This is a guarantee that the appliance is energy. Don’t believe us? Well, energy-star certified refrigerators use 10% less energy than normal ones.

Energy-star certified clothe washer uses 25% less energy than a normal washer and uses 45% less water. These are significant figures that can have an overall impact on your energy consumption.

Dry Your Clothes The Conventional Way 

If you have a balcony or a backyard then hang a clothesline and dry your clothes the conventional way. This will save the energy you would have consumed from the dryer and your clothes will dry in the fresh air which is even better than letting it dry in a dryer.

Final Words

These are small everyday habits that can bring a great change if done consistently. However, the best way to save energy and reduce your dependence on your national grid is through the use of solar panels.

They are the best way to conserve energy because it is a renewable source and does not produce any waste or harm to the environment. If you don’t already have it then think of switching to it now!


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