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The intensive use of fossil fuels has resulted in them running short on our planet. They also affect the environment in a very negative manner. For this reason, many countries and individuals are switching to a renewable resource such as Solar energy. Solar energy means the light and energy we get from sun is utilized to fulfill our energy needs without harming the environment. The environmental benefits of a renewable resource like solar energy are well known, but do you know some amazing facts about it? Well, let’s take a look at these.


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1. Most Abundant Resource On Earth Is Solar Energy:

Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy available on our planet. To put it into perspective, the earth gets enough sunlight and energy from the sun in an hour to power the entire world for a year without any additional sources of energy. It is the most widely available resource that many countries are beginning to utilize.

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2. Solar Energy Has Grown More Affordable:

The installation cost of solar panel in your switch to this renewable energy has lowered immensely throughout the years. To put into perspective, the average cost of a standard solar panel installation in 2020 has reduced to a less than a quarter of what it was a decade ago.

Solar in North Shore

3. Solar Energy System Add Value For Your Property:

Switching to solar energy for your homes and offices will also add a lot of value to your property as it will increase the resale price of your assets. It will also attract many people conscious about the environment.

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4. Solar Energy Installation Is Easy And Convenient:

Many people think that there is a lot of maintenance cost associated once you install solar panels and the process is a hassle. Well, that’s not really the case as solar systems can be installed very easily through the help of private installers and can last up to 25 to 30 years with almost no maintenance.

Trilect Solar team installing Ons Dorp solar system

5. Solar Energy Can Power Everything:

There’s an array of unlimited options when you switch to this form of renewable energy. Solar energy can be utilized for homes, offices, cars, equipment and any other thing that can be powered by traditional methods. Nowadays, there are millions of portable accessories that have the option of solar energy usage instead of battery. Heavy energy products like industrial machinery, motors or refrigerators and air conditioners can also be powered with it very easily.

Installing a solar panel

6. Solar Energy Is The Best For Environment:

It is well known that climate change and global warming is caused due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels. With Solar Energy, you can do your part in reducing your carbon footprint as this form of energy does no harm to the environment. Using it on a large scale can help improve the world by healing the ozone layer and reducing climate change.
There are many perks of switching to solar energy and these amazing facts about it should convince you to make the switch.


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